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Almighty wind prophecy - End times


posted by: PraiseYAH June 03, 2007
description: Warn the people.know that the "church" also will be left behind during the tribulation. Those who are not part of the first-fruit of Yisrael - also called the Bride of YAHUSHUA, will have their faith for our Heavenly Father tested in a world shaken like
duration: 03:06   viewed: 304
tags:lord god messiah prophecy YAHWEH tribulation
category: Other


PraiseYAH wrote ten years ago:

Did you know that YAHUSHUA (called "Jesus" or Yeshua) Died physically on the PASSOVER? thus HE is not only our redeemer from our sins, but also just like in the time of Mosheh/Moses when all Yisraelites had the blood of an unblemished lamb on their doorposts, we are covered in Hearts and souls as a sign so that the judgement (angel of death) will "pass-over" us in these end-times! When our former selves die in Him, our new Eternal beings live with him as YAHUSHUA IS LIFE Itself... Amen



PraiseYAH wrote ten years ago:

Hey Jewel333, Just wanted to say I've emailed you twise and if you have not recieve my emails, then propably something went wrog you are free to email me in that case at - Shalom & Love from brother Danny (smile)



JustMe! wrote ten years ago:

Praise the mighty name of Yahveh for His promises are true!!



Jewel333 wrote ten years ago:

Truly,Truly you are a wathcman on the wall! How anointed this is....Please contact me at These videos you have created are an excellent wake up call, witnessing tool. I have a Watchman on the Wall Intercessory group. We know Yahshuah's name. I would love to put this on several sites....only to honor and proclaim "I AM". Blessings! Jewel333



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